Alina Kabaeva | Vladimir Putin's Mistress!

Yummy Sport: Alina Kabaeva | Vladimir Putin's Mistress!


From: Yummy Sport

Russian president’s gymnast ‘lover’ is hiding with their kids in a “very private very secured” place. Watch the full complicated story about the Olympic gold-winning gymnast mistress “Alina Kabaeva”, with commentary.

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Source: Alina Kabaeva | Vladimir Putin's Mistress!


  1. The only Russian athlete that does not cheat to win I wish more of those athletes would stop taking steroids and play fair unless if they want to get banned from competing in the Olympics

  2. ALINA KABAEVA must have a very strong stomach. To be able to perform at this level so well and to be able to STOMACH PUTIN would require a cast iron gut. Sickening how some people are so attracted to a man's power in life that everything else EVIL about them is not important. PUTIN was just a little known mid-level KGB bureacrat before he rose to his present head of RUSSIA. JOKE (but also true): PUTIN is going to run for re-election, but he hasn't decided the rigged margin he is to win over his opponent.

  3. Three days later, a Russian Assasin ordered by Putin himself came to mr yummys house and gunned him down on his lawn with a ar-15


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