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I called Toyota airbag recall to tell them I no longer owned…


I don’t want to offend anyone but it’s true that many scammers are in India.

I kept getting mail for the recall (over the last 1-2 years) and finally decided to call the number because I sold/scraped the car. They took my name, address, and a family member’s phone number.

Shouldn’t they already have my address on file if i gave them the number for the recall? Did they ask to confirm the address or to steal it?

I know you can commit a lot of fraud with just a name, address, and phone number (it wasn’t mine, I was using a family member’s phone).

This may be irrational but should I be worried? How do I prevent fraudulent bills, loans, checks, etc?

I have called before (over a year ago) to get them to stop mailing and they had a neutral American accent and didn’t fix it, the mail kept coming (not the same number, I don’t remember the previous one). I called another time before and they told me to ignore the mail, but didn’t fix it either. That seems suspicious in itself. I never got any charges or bills in my name though that weren’t from me in the last two years.

Source:I called Toyota airbag recall to tell them I no longer owned…

Discovered on: 2022-05-28 03:26:16

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