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What are your takes about your husband not wearing their wed…


I don’t know if this is a shallow thing. But I really feel disrespected by my husband. He did a bunch already actually, and recently I found out he didn’t bring his ring during his BCT. He is currently deployed and doing basic training and i am (pregnant) overseas. I am thinking maybe they are not allowed to bring jewelry, but I tried asking google and it says they can bring wedding rings. My husband admitted that all his married pals are wearing their ring. Really made me lose my trust on him.

He do a lot of things that will end up for me to suffer alone. I don’t know why he never considered thinking of how I will feel about the stupid things he do. Cheated on me before and telling me “that’s because I don’t care about you before” “ i wanted to end the relationship “ well you could have just end it, as if I would give a fuck of staying with people who doesn’t want to be with me.

I gave him a second chance because he told me before that he will commit suicide if I leave since he was in a dark pit and needed someone.

Anyway, I really don’t have anyone to rant about this because I feel ashamed of telling friends and family how my husband treats me poorly. Now I feel guilty that I couldn’t think of anything good about my him.

Edited: annulment is my last option here, since I already had my first annulment to my first abusive and cheater ex husband. My pride is killing me admitting to people that I married a 2.0 version of my 1st husband. I am really ok staying I don’t really have plans on getting into a new relationship since I am starting to know and love myself and my baby. Its not about not being financially stable to start a new life. I am a business woman, I always do better in any career and have lived an independent life prior to meeting my husband. I think I have this reputation to take care of, my plan is to suck it up and pretend to be in a happy marriage because of the baby.

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