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Diablo Immortal: Activision Blizzard's Latest Scam The Jimquisition – Scam Video


From: Jim Sterling


Can we really be shocked that Activision’s Diablo spin-off is a microtransaction-stuffed con? God, that company is deeply corrupt and vile, huh?

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Source: Diablo Immortal: Activision Blizzard's Latest Scam The Jimquisition


  1. As someone who was at the Diablo Immortal reveal at Blizzcon I'm not surprised. As someone who had their childhood shaped by StarCraft, I'm not surprised. Within about 4 years blizzard has gone from one of my favorite devs to one of my most despised.

    At least we can all agree there's one good dev at least: Team Cherry. Hard to have an environment of rampant sexual abuse, discrimination, and economic predation with a employee count of 3.

  2. Fucking lord, I AM COUNTING the hours until Sterlig touch upon "Blizzard investigated Blizzard and found nothing wrong".
    If this news is not gonna make Sterling go absolutely ballistic… I dunno what is…

  3. Anyone who expected this game to have even a shred of decency are the same people who buy FIFA and Madden games annually.

  4. I had no idea Jim Steph was married, and it's nice to see them referencing their spouse more regularly on these videos. Cheers to you both.

    Edit: Also fuck Activision Blizzard and fuck Diablo Immortal.

  5. I spent $1 on Diablo Immortal, and I feel absolutely disgusted. I'm now even more disgusted to see that there are many people who are justifying the P2W aspect of the game. We've been frogs slowly boiling in the pot of microtransactions for so long now that I'm actually afraid that, sooner rather than later, gaming as we've known it for decades will be completely lost.

  6. Reports should STOP talking about things like "Activision Blizzard" or "EA". Name the fucking persons in charge. The few people that decide all that stuff and make ALL people see who is behind it. Thing is: Actions should have Re-actions towards these people. I would not feel good if i would be in the news for being a greedy fuck.

  7. "You see, guys. The laws stop us from shitting on your lawn. Don't you WANT us to shit in your yard? We're shitting everywhere else!"

  8. gamers are losers. people who play games and don't identify as a tribal group for doing so are cool. AS A GAMER I FEEL WE ARE BEING DISCRIMINATED AGAINSTTT ANDDD….loser -_-

  9. Your watch is really cool. I used to have a bracelet that was very similar and I have spent probably hundreds of hours looking for anything like it. The curved metal parts were longer on mine but that is really close. Good taste!

  10. I haven't been on this channel in a long time… is Jim going as a woman now…? Fucking weird as hell to see. The voice doesn't fit at all and he just looks… weird, I'm sorry. Jim Sterling with tits and makeup is not something I needed to see in my life.

    Kinda wish i didn't randomly decide to see what he thought about diablo immortal.


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