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DHL package from quora.com?? : Scams


I received a notification from the ship app by Shopify saying I have a package from quora.com coming from DHL. I have a quora account, however it’s a question and answer website… I clicked on the tracking number and it directed me to the secure DHL website to enter the tracking number. I did and it says the package doesn’t exist.

I also looked it up on USPS and it also says that the package does not exist? I downloaded Shopify to track a package I had ordered, however it also knows other packages I’ve ordered (not from Shopify)?

The only link I’ve clicked is the tracking number shop by Shopify gave me that led me to the DHL website. The only account I have connected to ship by Shopify is my gmail, but I haven’t clicked any suspicious links in emails.

Is this a scam and if so, how do I proceed?

EDIT: I have removed my gmail account and the package is still there. Shopify does not have my phone number or personal payment information. I downloaded the app for something I ordered online to track it. Haven’t actually used the app.

Source:DHL package from quora.com?? : Scams

Discovered on: 2022-06-24 05:54:06

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