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“High” MMR gameplay is a roller-coaster ride of bad and even…


First off, I’m not even sure if I’m in the high MMR and can only account for my experiences, I have a good survival and kd rate with good extracted loot values, far in the campaign and quarters, but as there is no way of actually knowing then I’m still kinda guessing.

Matchmaking buckets in this game that measure how good you are at “prospecting” have turned my raids into a shitshow.

When I’m on that high side I constantly run into cheaters and 3man squads, I win some and I lose some, but after a couple losses it seems as though they game takes me down a bucket or 2. Then instead of going up against advocates, brutes, lancers etc, it’s all bulldogs, manticores and white gear. What this has meant for my raids is that when I’m losing to a cheater it feels bad, losing to a 3man after a good fight is great but it hurts the “mmr buckets”, when I’m on the low side the raids feel terrible because it’s almost like going up against new players which is rough for them and doesn’t feel rewarding to me.

I don’t know what the answer is and because I’m in Australia I know our player population isn’t all that high (died to the same cheater in the same instance 3 raids in a row), just some feedback on my experience with the matchmaking.

Love the game, hate the mmr

Source:“High” MMR gameplay is a roller-coaster ride of bad and even…

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