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Saved my mom from a refund scam earlier. : Scams


So earlier I walked out of my room to go grab something to eat, and I overheard her talking to somebody from “paypal” with an indian accent about a “refund form” (her room is right next to the kitchen).

The alarm went off in my brain so I went into her room to check things out a bit more because you can never be too sure, and as soon as I noticed my mom was downloading teamviewer I told her to hang tf up. She got kinda mad at me at first because she thought she was legitimately talking to paypal (they spoofed the real paypal number), so I told her to call the real deal and speak to a legit paypal person.

Sure enough, the gal from paypal told my mom that was indeed a scammer and to just uninstall teamviewer and my mom thanked me tremendously. Freaked me out because like… who knows what would have happened if I didn’t get hungry and never left my room? My mom is pretty gullible, unfortunately.

I informed her more about all the indian scam call centers and am planning on showing her some kitboga or jim browning videos in the future. It’s scary how many people don’t know about all of this.

Source:Saved my mom from a refund scam earlier. : Scams

Discovered on: 2022-08-18 07:23:05

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