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Scammer created a new Paypal account using my actual Gmail a…


So i logged into my Gmail account yesterday and was shocked to find multiple emails from PayPal (yes, actually from PayPal) indicating that an account had been opened and verified with my Gmail email address, which happens to be my actual first and last name, eg, “rachmaelapplebaum@gmail.com” (note to mods, this is not the actual email address involved)

My first step was to change my Gmail password immediately and check for any new email logins, but I cannot access the scam Paypal account because it is linked to the scammer’s PayPal app, telephone number, and SS #.

If this Paypal was linked to any other email address I might brush it off, but because it’s my actual legal name I’m worried it might cause real-world problems.

I am planning on contacting Paypal but their customer service is terrible and I’m not optimistic they will be helpful. What does r/scams think might be the scammer’s likely next step?

Source:Scammer created a new Paypal account using my actual Gmail a…

Discovered on: 2022-09-23 03:12:54

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