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From: Louis Rossmann
Let’s get Right to Repair passed!
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  1. Classic argument with a maniac. You have to write a paragraph to explain it to them, they still don't get it, then you need to write a paragraph for EACH of the sentences in your first paragraph to explain EACH ONE. Pretty soon you need to include a table of contents and section numbers… and that's how Congress was born.

  2. If you don't know what the pins of a capacitor are for or can't be bothered to look them up along with how its attached to the board you shouldn't be allowed to handle hot objects like a soldering iron. Sometimes you just have to fucking think for yourself.

    If you don't know how a capacitor works go ahead and break your stuff and pay a few thousand to get a new one.

  3. Install spelt with 1 L. Man this nutbag is a genius at heart here. The 80 dislikes are from people who don't understand computers or electronics in the slightest.

  4. @Rossmann; 6:25 there is a via(?) to the left of the negative terminal. Is it a GND? If yes, OK.
    When you place the large capacitor, it will very likely touch the via. Is that intended?

  5. It's interesting to note that sometimes the first people to scream "Scam!" are the scammers themselves in order to draw attention away from their own scam. In this case he was scamming knowledge and accusing you of scamming. "To what end?" I hear people thinking. Narcissistic self satisfaction, bad word of mouth (goes out and tells people Louis is a scammer and trying to get people to believe it), hoping Louis actually fucks off and dies after a scathing "exposé" thus proving to the universe that they can affect it in meaningful ways, etc.

    LOL Of course I'm just joshing. The guy's a douchbag, I don't care if I make sense or not. LOL

  6. THIS IS NOT A SCAM! I ordered the CAP. I followed the directions provided by Louis. I reassembled my POS 2010 MBP, and it works properly now! Thank you Louis, you helped me extend the life of this POS and not blow more $$ on another laptop just yet. I appreciate your help and assistance!

  7. I swear, people just look for reasons to be outraged. Even if any of the accusations he made were true, why waste any more energy by bitching in an email?

  8. I put my cap on crooked like your 'lackey' and what do you know…..snap crackly pop……your tutorial sucks ass and now I have to buy another one of your crappy caps….what a scam you got running Louis….to the rest of yall…please solder the cap on straight.

  9. 100% correct information in this video, capacitors have positive marked with a bar.
    In a previous video I noticed you using the new model cap and wondered why you still scraped the negative contact, as it is a "universal" cap you used.
    And as you said, capacitors are not truly polarized, thus reversing is okay, so long as you don't connect negative (middle) and negative (end) to the board.
    Finally, as others have stated in comments, it is questionable if he was trolling or truly obtuse.

  10. Looks like the timestamps on the emails are a bit off. Why is that? I'm not saying you're lying I'm just wondering what happened?

  11. Don't go trying to fix laptop boards without having basic knowledge of electronics to even read a datasheet. I can see the confusion as electrolytic capacitors have the stripe on the negative side…

  12. People are ignorant they didn't realize that Apple designed a computer that had too small of a capacitor and a capacitor would blow it was a design flaw but they still continue that design flaw in the Next Generation MacBook

  13. I've found that customers, especially younger male customers, prefer to accuse me of scamming them to admitting that they made a mistake. Human nature and hormones.

  14. Obviously that "dude" had a blown zener diode in the power supply circuit of his front logic processor. The over voltage fried his cpu. 😛

  15. The scam is real ahhhahaha..
    This dude has some really big issues it seems hahahahahaha
    Keep up the good job Louis

  16. I like your videos but I'm not incredibly tech-inclined. Why exactly does a capacitor the same size as the factory one not work? It is just a poor design? Is it a proprietary component that just doesn't exist in the same size from other manufacturers?

  17. Mr. Rossmann, As a retired electronics tech and a former data center electrician and machine, Main Frame, Server, Network, and pc/server based firewall hardware/ferwear/ os and software, technician; I have the utmost respect for your moral compass and work ethic and your competence as an electronics technician. I thank the gods I am retired! I am old school. I have multiple degrees and certifications spanning many technical skill sets. I was a field tech in the ARMY and retired from Dupont as a Data Technician and electrition. I am Union trained and Army/Navy trained as a Transceiver technician and Industrial Electrition. I compliment you on your attention to detail in your work. Ignore the naysayers! It is my opinion you are a good tech. Great job! And not least, your love for cats, in my opinion, makes you a great man! It would be my privilege to meet you someday and just talk shop. 🙂 Keep up the good work. And thank you for the videos! Great job on that too! Blessings to you and your cats! 🙂

  18. Don't yo just love fucktards like that guy? They are too fucking stupid to pay attention so they lash out at you. Brilliant, mate.

  19. This guy should not be working on delicate machines ,clearly a moron , at one point says he can not source the cap himself , then in the second email "i will get my own cap"??????? , duh. Can,t spell or even put together a coherent sentence . Wonder if he as ever found spellcheck.

    Paul laughing his ass off at 4.15 is priceless
    that guys email name says it all , total fruitcake

  20. "See?! Totally not a scam, Bro!!" xD
    That dummy didn't take a minute of their time to simply measure the conductivity of the three pads using a simple ohm meter. That's all it would have taken to not make a fool of themselves… ayy-yaayy-yaayyy

  21. It’s pretty simple. If you deliver what you said you were going to deliver, the margin does not indicate a scam regardless. Look at the margins beverage companies have. If I hang a price tag off something and you got what I promised, you cannot be mad after the fact. You agreed to the price, I delivered product. That’s not a scam, that’s business.

  22. This is entertaining. Not because we’re watching paint dry but the animated responses to shear stupidity is fabulous. Football 🏈 yah.

  23. Sold my DOA 2011 MBP for half price so a dad could fix his daughter’s broken LCD and had enough spare parts to break even on the deal. ☃️🎗🤹‍♂️🖥

  24. Just completed this repair with the cap ordered from Rossmann. My soldering skills are not great, but just take your time and if you get too much solder on the pad get it off and try again. The first 2 times the cap was at a crazy slant because of a mountain of solder. The final one almost looked like I knew what I was doing… Thanks for the Cap, the video and the final fix for this MacBook Pro6,1 [17" mid 2010].

  25. it just occurred to me maybe you are the one to ask- I have a CF-29 and want to replace harddrive with a ssd. if i send you a pick of what I need , do you think you could and ship the part ?

  26. Thank you for this, Louis, and all you do for the right to repair. I was about to chuck my old trusty MBP out a window. This has given me the hope and confidence to DIY the repair. Hello from Cape Town, South Africa.


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