Hamilton Rip-Off, Copyright Has Its Eyes On You #shorts
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Hamilton Rip-Off, Copyright Has Its Eyes On You #shorts – Scam Video


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Source: Hamilton Rip-Off, Copyright Has Its Eyes On You #shorts


  1. In the words of Hank Hill "Can't you see you're not making Christianity better? You're just making rock and roll worse!"

  2. I took a script offline of one of my favorite musicals. But changed the script so I could use it at school. That is not illegal right?

  3. Could you please do a read thru of the Lynx Salvage Contract from the game Hardspace ShipBreaker. It's quite amazing, you sign over your DNA, are only allowed Lynx internet and bank account, can't accept jobs from rivals corporations, and sign away any rights to compensation regarding injury from any source while on there space demolition site; Ohh and you agree to vote for the Lynx companies political candidate. AMAZON could learn a thing or two from this company.

  4. I was taught in theatre class that there's specific rules about purposefully changing the lines/words in plays without the playwright's express permission (ie, don't). I'm pretty sure the comment by Lin-Manuel was about the theatre-specific rules of licensed plays (ergo, if you'd licensed it, you couldn't change it) and less about the part of fair use where if you transformatively change it you don't need to license it. Which probably feels like, as a playwright, if core messages were changed like in Scamilton when their performance that was not transformative enough to be parody, the play misrepresents the playwright as being okay with those messages (due to the fact if it was licensed they would have needed to okay the messages with Lin). Could be wrong though.

  5. The β€œNo” and β€œNew York” clips were so bad that the wincing made me imitate a turtle… (I am now stuck with my head being level with my shoulders, send help!)

  6. Damn I can’t believe people give a shit about something as minuscule as this πŸ˜‚ don’t get me wrong, they should be punished but why tf do y’all care? 🀣


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