Rings of Power FAILS with HELM'S DEEP Storyline RIPOFF!
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Rings of Power FAILS with HELM'S DEEP Storyline RIPOFF! – Scam Video


From: Eat Garbage.

The guys discuss the lazy attempt to recreate a Helm’s Deep scenario in the Southlands in episode 5 of Amazon’s Lord of the Rings The Rings of Power series on Prime video.

This is a collection of clips taken from the Eat Garbage Podcast discussion of Amazon’s Rings of Power #LOTRonPrime #LOTR #ringsofpower

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Source: Rings of Power FAILS with HELM'S DEEP Storyline RIPOFF!


  1. Also how long have they been there? Every storyline saw the meteor, so that's a fixed point in time. For the Southlands there's been the Orc attack on the towns, falling back to the tower and the elf escape. For Galadriel she's sailed across the ocean, been wrecked, floated about, been rescued, sailed to Numenor, got into trouble, ridden across to some other town, ridden back, gotten into more trouble, escaped, waited while 5 ships were mobilised with troops, horses, etc, done some training and now departed, potentially to arrive in the southlands before the battle (though maybe not). Oh and the Elves have half built a massive tower and journeyed back and forth to Moria at least twice. The southlanders must have been in that tower for weeks, if not months.

  2. i cant like an herbalist wearing a push upo bra in a medieval sociiety, who is also spotless, leading anyone. Maybe defer to the elf with hundreds of years of battle experience if you actually want to win.

  3. Bronwyn should be in a film leading women in Iran against the Iranian Mullahs. But not in LOTR inspired series – disgusting

  4. So okay for any leader(s) there should be many questions going off in their(s) head. Basically the writers should be thinking this for the character(s).

    1) Is this the tower or fortress you're in worth the investment of keeping it?
    A) No this tower has no worth what so ever. It's merely a lookout for the elves and doesn't hold any land or strategic value.

    2) Can citizens or non fighters escape to a safer position?
    A) In this case yes they can. There is zero reason for them to stay in there. The orcs do not have them surrounded and so they could have escaped at any time.

    3) Do you have the equipment and food to survive a siege?
    A) Nope they don't. They literally only have what one wheelbarrow worth of food. That's about a day at most. If your fighters don't eat they won't be able to put a fight. Also if you run out of arrows in a siege you're finished and I doubt they have more than a couple of hundred. The only reason castle sieges last so long is that the defenders are able to turn anyone close into a hedgehog.

    4) Do they have experience fighting and the manpower?
    A) Hell no. 50+ peasants and an elf is no where close to the required numbers to hold against their force. Hell the orcs could just starve them out now that they're there.

    So out of the four questions there's not a single good reason to still be in that tower. Just run away you dipsticks. The orcs can't travel during the day so like it's not hard to outrun them.

    If this is trying to recreate Helms deep than it's a poorly convinced and written one. The only reason they retreat to helms deep is that orcs are literally everywhere in the country and have an army that will best Rohan in an open field due to the numbers. Once they start losing the battle at Helms deep they try to evacuate the people out the back through a secret exit in the caves. Here they've put themselves into a blender. Also you know how they kept a long shot on the tower. They're going to topple it aren't they? -_- I hate these writers so boring and predictable.

  5. $281 million for the movie trilogy, which was gold. Apparently this shows budget was almost double the cost. Where is all that money going and why do people who participate in these type productions think that this is acceptable? This so called "future of television" is a failure and it reflects just how out of touch the corporate mindset is in relation to the mind of an artist.

  6. Spot on observations, from the poison that is JarJarAbrams' mystery box BS, to the "diorama" approach to…pretty much any scene.

    I first thought of that with the Guyladriel-trains-Numenoreans (LOL!) scene. Do you remember in GoT when Danerys was first inspecting the Unsullied, and later when she completed the purchase? That's what I expect to see when you're talking about training an army. That many soldiers, with that sort of discipline and organisation. If GoT could do it on a much smaller budget…

    So I swear it seems like a huge chunk of the production cost has been siphoned off somehow (a backroom deal with JJ for him to oversee the work of his underlings Payne & McKay?). It reminds me of how the Sicilian mafia would embezzle funds from building contracts, by charging full price for the construction but cutting every design and material corner possible, resulting in buildings which weren't safe, and indeed sometimes collapsed and killed the poor residents.

  7. It wasn't a bomb really that blew up Helms Deep. Wasn't it Magick? If you remember the 80s cartoon they played on this… That. Saruman sent a fire spell from his tower.

  8. How many RoP is sh!t videos are you going to keep churning out? Yes it's a bit shi!t but it's not nearly as bad as HoTD, which is just day time soap set in mediaeval Europe with a few lame cgi dragons.

  9. I can't think of a single mistake they haven't made at this point. Rings of Power isn't just bad, it's catastrophically trash fire. For $1 billion you'd think they'd hire a lead writer with more experience than an uncredited episode of Star Trek but I guess Amazon is determined to torch a giant pile of money.

  10. theyre not doing anything because when the orc army comes, Arondir will just wave the sword and Yell "THUNDERCATS HOEEEEE!"

  11. these writers could read 'sun tzu – art of war' . read any public domain information on engaging in war.

    shit writers, just like netflix's cowboy bebop hack writers

  12. If I was going to stand up in front of a group of people and offer to lead them, I’d probably brush my hair and put an actual tunic/dress on. Or did Bronwyn leave all that stuff behind in the village too?

  13. Hey Bezos. I have the perfect way to solve your problem. (1) Take ALL the ideas you had for "Rings of Power." (2) Scoop them up into a huge ball. (3) Throw the ball away. (4) And go to your room, AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU DID YOUNG MAN!

  14. Where is everyone there like 4 dwarfs a handful of elves evil hobbits who leave their own behind to die.its lotr its supposed to be massive.they have like 3 sets and 10 extras

  15. I know, it is a little meaningless to discuss plot holes at this point of a story with so many plot holes and continuity errors, but …. your discussion about "to which extent is this tower defendable" and "where is ths rest of the garrison" just started me wondering:

    So either …
    1. The soldiers were still in the tower when they get caught by the orcs and are presumably worse in combat than 40 villagers will be.
    2. The soldiers are utterly bad in navigation and were heading south by mistake and thus were bumping into orcs
    3. The orcs are digging trenches in circles
    4. The whole southland sequencing map of which characters were at which location to which time is just completely arbitrary

    I'll wager the answer to this will be once again: "everything is arbitrary!"

  16. I knew they were gonna copy Helm’s Deep after seeing the elven tower, it’s even built like a mini Helm’s Deep. A billion dollars folks.

  17. I like this show because it's so bad that even the bad is not bad enough to be good.. but the critique from the internet is so great it's worth following the negative comments about a show I'm not watching.

  18. All the money sunk into this and you'd think they'd at least get something approaching extremely poor quality…

    If this show isn't a money laundering scheme, then I feel the people who got paid to do this were overpaid and just totally made a mint off of this nonsense.

  19. Worst part about all of this, is that it literally serves no purpose. We saw in the trailer that the volcano erupted, so we know the orcs will get the sword and there will be no point to any of this. They should have just fled. The orcs get the sword because they stayed…and maybe this would have gone better if Isildur The Incompetent and the king’s son didn’t blow up the boats that 40% of the army was supposed to use…Those idiots literally stranded almost half the Numenorian forces that were coming to help….

  20. I think the point is they will save money on keeping this tower as a set piece for four or five episodes instead of using it for only one or two and having to pay for the design for more sets. Plot holes be damned… It's all about cutting costs at big corporations like Amazon. That, and hiring people based on anything but merit.

  21. Amazon hired the cheapest directors, the cheapest producers, the cheapest actors (Morfydd Clark who plays the woeful Galadriel got paid just $20K per episode! Even Amazon knew she wasn't worth much!) and the cheapest visuals. So where has ONE BILLION DOLLARS GONE; either they are trying to con the viewer or it’s a huge money laundering scheme.

  22. It's not going to be helms Deep 2.0 it's going to be collapse the tower on purpose and smash the orcs without any fighting.


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