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₹50000 करोड़ का Sahara SCAM 😱🥵 – Scam Video


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The Fall Of Sahara & Subrato Roy:

March 3, 2014 Subrato Roy was escorted from his 270 acre Sahara Shaher, his palace to 5 x 12 cell of Tihar Jail. How did all this happen?

Born in 1948, in a Gorakhpur, Roy lost his father at an early age, hence during his diploma he had to start work. Intially he tried his hands at making salted snacks and selling them around on a scooter. He tried his hands at several similar small businesses, but nothing worked out for him until 1978 when he started Sahara.

What was Sahara?
The Gorakhpur para-banking venture focused on small investors, such as tea-stall owners and rickshaw-pullers, who set aside as little as Re 1 a day and chose to entrust the money to Sahara India Financial, the group’s flagship firm. In a matter of three decades, it grew into India’s largest residuary non-banking company.(NBFC).

Sahara was so big that in 2005 RBI was shocked to know that the majority of NBFC deposits in the country were in the Sahara Group only. From here began Subrato Roy’s tussle with regulators like RBI and SEBI.

However Subrato Roy wasn’t much concerned it seemed, as he was expanding his business left-right-centre. From Air Sahara, to owning IPL team, to being the official sponsor of Indian cricket and hockey teams, Sahara wasn’t stopping at nothing.

This mode of expansion eventually led to Subrato killing his own company. On September 29, 2009, Sahara Prime City filed its draft red herring prospectus (DRHP) with SEBI, On Page No. 640 in the 934-page offer document mentioned an IT Dept dispute over accepting OFCDs. from investors by way of cash, instead of cheques or demand drafts as mandated.

SEBI started investigating. It was found out that Sahara had illegally, taken out 20,000 cr from its NBFC fund, which was already under the scanner of RBI and converted them into debentures without any formal permission from any parties involved.

Further investigations revealed that this amount could be as big as 32K Cr. SEBI ordered Sahara to stop collecting any deposits. And since then began the tussle of SEBI vs Sahara which reached Supreme court and ended up in Subrato Roy going to jail while SEBI still trying to refund over 2 Cr investors their hard earned money.

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