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TIFU by knocking over a bottle of body wash. : tifu


(Throwaway Account) I just lost everything and I completely deserve it…I hate myself. My head is still spinning and I can’t believe that I could do something so fucking stupid and disloyal.

Background: Me (30M) and my GF “Izzy” (28F) were together for 2 years. We didn’t live together, but she often spent the night at my place. I love Izzy! She is…or was, the best GF I’ve ever had, and I threw it all away. I also love Izzy’s family, they all loved me and treated me like one of the family. About 1 year ago, Izzy’s sister “Kylie” (25F) dropped out of College and had to move back in with her Folks.

I remember the day I first met Kylie, I admit that I instantly felt sexually attracted to her. I didn’t say anything at the time, and the two of us never hung out one on one. That all changed about 2 months ago when Kylie admitted to me that she had a crush on me. Over these past 2 months, Kylie and I hooked up 3 times. That’s where I first fucked up, so really, I’ve been fucking up for 2 months straight.

Izzy slept over at my place last night. Earlier today, Izzy told me that she was gonna spend the whole day with her Mom. About 3 hrs after Izzy left I heard a knock on the door, it was Kylie. (She took an Uber) I was shocked because we’ve never met up at my place, we always met up at a hotel. She said that she couldn’t waste an opportunity to see me when she knows that Izzy is going to be busy all day.

Because I’m a Grade A Asshole, I let her inside and we started making out. After we had sex, we decided to take a shower together. A few minutes into our shower, we heard the front door open and close. Kylie put her finger over her mouth and told me to keep quite. Then the bathroom door opened…it was Izzy! I was shaking in my boots and was petrified that she was gonna open the curtain.

Izzy said, “Hey Babe, I’ll only be a second, I just forgot my Pamprin.” I responded with a shaky, “Oh..ok.” Izzy was about to leave, when all of a sudden, I accidentally knocked over a full bottle of body wash. It fell, landed straight on my toe, made a loud clunk noise, and I let out a loud, “OW!” Izzy said, “OP, what happened??” Before I could even blink, Izzy swung the curtain wide open and saw me and Kylie in all of our shameful glory.

Izzy didn’t say anything, she just stood there and stared at us. Finally, she started crying and said, “How could you, OP?? I thought you loved me!! We had something great and you threw it away over…that.” She left, and I collapsed after I realized what I had just lost. Kylie didn’t say anything the whole time, she just put on her clothes and bolted.

Obviously, Izzy and I are over, and my mind is completely blank. I’ve been crying non-stop and I still can’t believe that I destroyed what was the single best thing in my life. I can’t imagine what Izzy must be going through right now. Even after she caught us in the act, she still handled it with grace and maturity. I’m now more aware then ever that a dirtbag like me doesn’t deserve a woman like Izzy.

I’m currently sitting here alone in an empty apartment, wondering what’s gonna become of my future. What’s Izzy thinking? What does her family think? I haven’t reached out to Izzy and I haven’t heard anything from anyone else. Anyway…I didn’t know where else to post this, but TIFU was the only place I could think of.

TL;DR I busted my toe, was exposed for being a POS lying cheater and lost the love of my life forever.

Source:TIFU by knocking over a bottle of body wash. : tifu

Discovered on: 2021-10-14 03:07:36

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