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Welcome to Expletive Archive


Welcome to Expletive Archive, the internet’s social media expletive archive. Think of us like Google, but for foul language. Expletive Archive works by using automated means to detect and document incidents of filthy word use on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks with the exception of admin posted content. 

Don’t let the date of this post fool you, this project did begin in December of 2016, but the site didn’t go live until much later, so you wouldn’t have noticed. Unlike most websites in which the launch only requires that the site be operational, this website needed to wait until the owner was legally able to launch due to an unconstitutional court order that prevented him from operating commercial websites as part of federal supervised release. In the meantime the owner decided to focus his efforts on research and development so that by the time you read this Expletive Archive will be much better than it would have otherwise been.

Our aggregation will begin with George Carlin’s seven dirty words you can’t say on television from his famous 1972 stand up act. Those words are shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits.


  1. Good Call, eXpletiveArchive is easier and more descriptive of the contentment. You certainly don’t want to sound or look stupid either, so “eXpletiv” is the right call.

  2. Early in the development phase eXpletive Archive was called FoulSpeakers, but we decided the eXpletive Archive is easier to remember and FoulSpeakers sounded kind of stupid, so eXpletiv eArchive it is.


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