Rolex HONEYTRAP Scam in full swing
Accusations Scam YouTube

Rolex HONEYTRAP Scam in full swing – Scam Video


From: Paul Thorpe Watch Dealer

Police’s own report say over SEVENTY victims of Rolex Honeytrap Scam have now been recorded with no sign of any arrests. As always, please ensure ALL of our fellow Watch enthusiasts are informed.

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Source: Rolex HONEYTRAP Scam in full swing


  1. This is Rotten and as a result I now only wear mine for making love you spend all that money and can only wear it 6 times a week😊

  2. Oh Ive had a nightmare with this. Two beautiful young females approached me. They kissed and groped me and were all over me. When they’d gone, I noticed my watch had gone. Absolutely shocking. I returned eight times and the same thing happened over and over again. It’s costing me a fortune in Timex.

  3. Given the Rolex strap is one piece and solid I don’t believe for a second that one can be removed from the wearers wrist and over the hand without the wearer knowing. Ridiculous, self promoting nonsense.

  4. If you get a young attractive woman trying to touch you on the street under any circumstances – be immediately suspicious – Rolex or not.

  5. I will stick with a Grand Seiko on a leather strap. Just hasn’t got the allure of a Rolex. They just ain’t worth the hassle to be honest.

  6. If you're gonna fall for some Sheila in a nurses uniform you're obviously not thinking above the neck and ripe to get your kettle booked.

  7. Chinese, money laundering, pyramid schemes, buying up property in every country they can sneak into, and the grand finale a world takeover.. stop supporting China, ban china..

  8. Be handy Paul if you told us exactly how they got it off the wrist without wearing knowing – got to say can’t be that easy – the clip on my watch takes a good pull to open it

  9. losing a watch yet not knowing it until later???? how izzit possible without involving some special drugs ???

  10. With all due respect, Paul, you are an ordinary rider on the Rolex hype wave and I am fed up with your click byte stories that really bother me and I have enough of that, really …..

  11. My Daytona stays in the safe , never see's the light of day, well until it gets passed to my son in another 7 years, stay safe people, Decent Video I must admit that nurses uniform i would happy give my Citizen diver (daily wear) to them for a hand hold.. 😉

  12. Not sure how they are removing a watch from the wearer's wrist without them feeling it. Man I struggle to get any watch with a bracelet over my hand without contorting my thumb into my palm.

  13. I don't understand why you are saying one of the thieves had Spanish accent, first of all I am pretty sure British people is not expert recognizing Spanish accent, I have several friends in Great Britain and they don't know if a Spanish speaker is from Spain of Latin American country, I seriously doubt a Spanish girls is stealing rolexes in UK, they don't steal them here in Spain. But looking your video you are pointing to Chinese and Spanish people… Disgusting…

  14. ‘Distraction Robbery/Theft’, Can’t really blame the cops for Guys thinking with their ‘small’ head and not their ‘Big’ head!?…. I bet their wive’s are overflowing with sympathy too!?.. Sorry Guys, but some crime are truly preventable!!


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