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  1. I feel like maybe he just made it up and, in reality, didn't even spend that much but wants to be talked about, so he's making drama for himself for the launch of his new drink.

  2. Bruh WHATS THE POINT OF BUYING SOMETHING YOU CANT USE OR PLAY WITH. 3.5 Mil on a sealed box I can’t open? Right.

  3. The guy who sells LP his Pokémon cards got busted selling another card collector a fake booster box. It all went down live, and was a mess. Dude tried to pretend that it wasn’t his fault. If it’s from chrome dome, he prob won’t open it knowing that it’s probably fake. The guy is also known for inflating the prices on stuff and knows next to nothing about the trade.

  4. this HAS GOT to be a publicity thing, how many views is he gonna get when he opens the box that he spent sOooOooOO much money on- people want to see him get scammed.

  5. I honestly don’t care what people do with their money but 3.5M for Pokémon cards ? I mean that’s buying a dam mansion 😳

  6. Its like Trisha buying endless shit. Expensive designer stuff not even remembering or caring. 3.5 mil to him is not that big of a deal which is why he didnt care enough to look more into it.

  7. Logan Pau is a scam, always has been always will be.
    Look it's easy he is apart of that world of technology that made people famous ..
    With Zero Talent….None at all.

    He couldn't date his fan base he would make R.Kelly seem like Mother Teresa if he did.

    Hot rich zero non talented Garbage.

    Wait Garbage Unlike Paul has purpose some of it can be recycled.

    There is Toliet Paper-
    Used Condoms-
    Then at the bottom of the list There
    Is Logan Paul.
    KSI same thing —Useless—

  8. 7:40 please don't compare them to other projects what they launched was something that they wanted to do together and I did not like the way you spoke in this video you seem like a hater if you don't like what they're doing then don't make a video about them

  9. For the company KSI and Logan are creating it won't be a hoax. KSI hasn't been involved in a money scam like the ACE family has. Perhaps it's a good turning point for Logan. Who knows.

  10. I will say that I'm glad he's not scamming others and he's finally the one being scammed lol that sounds terrible but like…karma??

  11. Dude just imagine spending 3.5 million on some cards?!?! That money could have lasted me for the rest of my life. Also, that money could have done so much good. I mean at least spend it on something or some things that are worth spending it on. I know what some people are going to say who's to say that that's not worth it to some people. Okay but I just could never ever bring myself to drop that much money on some collectors cards no matter how much I liked them.

  12. the fact that he didn’t even think about the potential of being scammed scares me how much internet knowledge logan has 😬 like… especially on ebay?!

  13. It's just really hard to not imagine all the other things he could have done with that money.
    I swear, sometimes it seems like the world rewards stupidity smh

  14. I’m sorry but how funny is it to call yourself an underdog when you are literally a multimillionaire who has a huge platform …….that is a giant advantage that most people starting a new business do not have. So..what the fuck is he even talking about.

  15. The fact he got scammed doesn’t surprise me. As someone who buys the Japanese version of Pokémon cards scalpers and scammers are the worst when it comes to this franchise. You have to double check your double check to make sure you don’t get screwed. But I won’t lie that was a gullible move on his part to think that box was “the only one”.

  16. This full thing is sus as if he’s in on it, he’s also gonna get a refund for the guy he bought it from so he’s lost nothing and has got another like viral video out it. These folk are being super smart


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