About eXpletive Archive:

eXpletive Archive went online in 2017 as a type of social media search engine and archive. We started off by using automated means to search social media for posts featuring any on of George Carlin’s Seven Dirty Words You Can’t Say on Television as listed in his classic 1972 stand up act (See https://expletivearchive.com/9/welcome-to-foulspeakers-the-expletive-archive/). The results of that activity can still be found in the expletives section of the site.

We later added support for ethnic slurs and homophobic remarks because they are strikingly similar in nature to expletives and their use can be aggregated in the same way.

In September of 2021 we expanded beyond targeting simple words to statements about people. We added categories for accusations and statements about others. Accusations cover statements by social media users indicating that they are probably accusing someone else of doing something. About others covers statements specifically referring to other people associated with the user in some way. We added those sections due to the context in which people make accusations and badmouth others being similar to the context in which they use expletives.