About eXpletive Archive:

eXpletive Archive began as a project called FoulSpeakers in 2016 and began running offline in 2017, but development was delayed for two years while the government persecuted the owned. FoulSpeakers began as a type of social media search engine that also aggregated the results as blog posts. It was called “FoulSpeakers: Social Media’s Expletive Archive” and while imprisoned the creator of FoulSpeakers thought that the name was kind of stupid and realized that simply calling it eXpletive Archive would be more descriptive and easier to remember. The site began by searching social media for use of George Carlin’s Seven Dirty Words You Can’t Say on Television as listed in his classic 1972 stand up act (See https://expletivearchive.com/9/welcome-to-foulspeakers-the-expletive-archive/).

The site would have been active and running in 2017, but the federal government decided to arrest the owner over a dispute regarding a police misconduct reporting site called CopBlaster. Although ultimately ruled by the court to be perfectly legal, the owner of CopBlaster and eXpletive Archive plead guilty to assaulting a federal officer in 2018 for an incident that took place while in detention in 2017. An incident in which the owner’s arm was broken and the corrections officers involved made up egregious lies that assured his prosecution before the US Attorney’s Office finally offered him a deal for time served for throwing chips at them. The prosecution was selective and had the officers involved told the truth he would not have been worth prosecuting just for throwing chips. Upon his release he had to participate in a computer monitoring program and a dispute regarding the terms of the program delayed development even further.

When finally launched in the summer of 2019, eXpletive Archive had already been searching several well known social media sites for uses of expletives, ethnic slurs, and homophoebic remarks. It continues to do that to this day.